Our curriculum is based upon the developmental needs of the children. Teachers develop goals and learning objectives to meet these developmental needs. Planning will include activities that will promote the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the children. 

Infant Care

Infant Care

Our Infant Suite has been specifically designed to create a warm, secure, loving environment for your infant. Our caregivers are nurturing professionals trained in health, safety, and early childhood education. Each is CPR/First Aid Certified. Through the use of educationally appropriate toys and materials, our loving staff will guide your baby through the important early stages of development. Our infant curriculum is planned to include classical music and sensory experiences that will enhance your child’s brain development. We encourage our Moms and Dads to visit during the day, whether to feed their baby or simply to play with them. We believe in consistency and strive to set the child’s schedule to remain consistent with their parents’ schedule at home.



Caring for toddlers is about building relationships and making the most of everyday experiences. Although relationships are the core of our toddler program, we recognize that a comprehensive curriculum is vital to this age group. The first three years of life are more critical to a child's development than we ever imagined. Toddlers learn through sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive, language, motor, and social skills. They begin to turn ideas into words and phrases to express themselves. Our program encourages the teacher to work individually with each child to help them experience the initial stages of social interaction, language development, and learning through discovery.



Two’s are anxious to learn. Your child will discover something new each day under the caring eyes of our experienced teachers. They will learn to socialize with others and begin to take care of themselves independently. Just as importantly, they need to learn many new skills in thought processing and communication. Our stimulating program encourages two-year-old's to develop their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment. By encouraging child-directed play, we ensure that your child develops at their own unique pace.



Our preschool teachers incorporate the EXCEED preschool curriculum. EXCEED is a theme-based curriculum that allows children the opportunity to explore in a developmentally appropriate environment. Children experience large and small group situations along with individual assistance while exploring the areas of Language/Literacy, Math, Science/Cultural, Music, and Art. On a daily basis, children participate in each of the focus areas and Circle Time activities and explore designated locations in the classroom known as "Centers". Socialization is encouraged throughout the daily activities as an integral part of the preschool curriculum.

School Ages

School Age

Our before and after school program is designed to complement the structured day of their elementary school. We provide a relaxed mix of learning and recreation, including a variety of activities such as games, sports, music, arts and crafts, and field trips. Our program is recreational in format with staff-led activities and supervision. Our students learn teamwork skills through games and activities. We have a full-court gymnasium for active indoor play. In addition, homework time is provided upon parent's request. Classrooms, as well as playgrounds, are grouped by grade level, giving every child the opportunity to spend time with their friends and enjoy age-appropriate activities. Our school-age program is also offered during school breaks, holidays, and teacher in-service days so you never have to worry about being left without childcare.


Summer Camp

Our summer camp program is for children ages 6 - 12 years. (Must have completed kindergarten). We plan multiple activities throughout each day to keep the children actively busy. Our camp provides time for recreation, group games, art projects, and relaxed activities. We also plan many local field trips including swimming, skating, bowling, miniature golf, and museums. In addition, we offer instructional one week "mini camps" which may include soccer, tennis, horseback riding, cooking class, dance, cheerleading, and others. Here are just a few of the challenging, yet fun activities we offer:

summer camp

Summer Reading


Horseback Riding


Art Programs

Field Trips