Chester Child Development Center is nationally accredited by the International Academy for Private Education (IAPE). IAPE accredits four types of private educational facilities and programs, including private licensed child day programs, private elementary schools and private secondary schools.

Our accreditation services feature an evaluation review process based on accepted methods and principles of school, curriculum, teacher and pupil study. Health and safety, as well as the institution’s reputation and long standing in the field, are all considered as part of the complete evaluation.

Each of our accreditation programs are based on four principle components. They include 1) The Self Evaluation Review, 2) Staff Survey, 3) Parent Survey, 4) Onsite study and Evaluation and Validation. Upon successful completion of the full program, the center is granted a national accreditation certificate.

Safety precautions at Chester Child Development Center include:

  • Video monitoring of classrooms
  • Security key pad entrance
  • Fire drills
  • Evacuation plan
  • Staff CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Seat belts and cellular equipped buses
  • Request staff to record headcount (written log) when entering and exiting playgrounds
  • Individually privately fenced and age appropriate playground areas
  • Children must be signed in and out by parents or a person specifically designated by you
  • High sanitary standards